We’re a tribe of spirited people

Whether you're a compliance expert with a crypto obsession, or a lawyer who devours degustations, we embrace who you are. And don't box you in.

Are you excited about where the industry is heading? Bold enough to break the mould?

Ethika is all about changing professional services for the better, and we love people who share a similar ethos. 

Do you want to make a difference? We care about social issues and the impact we have on future generations. If you’re after a career that gives you purpose and empowers you to give back, then Ethika is for you.

Working at Ethika is different (in a good way)

Become the best version of you

Do you love learning? Want to develop as a person? We support you through career development and give you plenty of opportunities to grow. We empower you to become the best version of yourself.

Ditch the hierarchies of the past

Say goodbye to an exclusive senior club at the top. We’re a woman-led company and agile structured firm that celebrates and encourages inclusion and diversity of thought. Feel accepted for who you are!

Evolve with technology

Join an advisory that progresses with the culture. Don’t be chained to the desk. Work from wherever suits you with all your tools available on the cloud. Embrace the technology that benefits you and your community.

Live the lifestyle you want to

Find the time to do what you love. We encourage you to live a life away from the computer! Our empathetic team respects your time and empowers you to live a balanced, fulfilling life.

You're in safe hands

Trust that your colleagues are highly skilled in their field. We’re a team of premium professionals with deep domain experience across all our disciplines.

Feel happy and supported at work

Feel seen and supported with daily checkins. Express yourself freely and propel your work forward with continuous conversation. We listen to you. Connect with your team and celebrate your wins. We treat you like a person, not a number.

You will love Ethika if...

You want to work hard, be have fun and develop meaningful relationships at work

You want to be yourself and feel accepted for who you are You want a platform to be creative and make the most of your lived experience

You value diversity and inclusion and want to leave behind hierarchical structures of the past

You don’t want to be unfairly punished by taking leave or living a life outside of work

You want to be appreciated for your work and celebrated for your achievements

You’re craving a greater sense of purpose and an opportunity to give back


Ethika attracts open-minded and creative people who work together to find better solutions. We love teamwork and structure our work life to engage as much as possible.

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